Humanline Group

The epitome of modern clinical practice

Humanline Group

To speak of the Humanline Hospital Group is to describe a new concept of medical care based on people. Our aim is to offer patients health services quickly, easily, without waiting, in a comfortable environment and with the best professionals.

Our centres are equipped with the appropriate staff and infrastructures to carry out the three most important approaches to clinical care: preventing illnesses, monitoring the evolution of existing illnesses or attending to new problems that may arise.

The centres of the Humanline Hospital Group offer the medical specialities or imaging techniques that best suit the needs of their patients.

Our centres offer medical consultations, functional studies, imaging techniques, specific treatments and surgical procedures, with the security of having a specialised medical team with proven experience.

At the Humanline Hospital Group we believe that the present and future of medicine is to offer our patients the most humane, efficient and agile medical care possible. The key lies in people, people who demand care and people who offer it. A relationship that requires mutual trust at all levels.

Our Philosophy

Our objectives are to bring medical professionals closer to people, to support medical practice with the best technological resources and to ensure that the doctor-patient relationship develops in a comfortable environment of permanent collaboration.

The Humanline Method constitutes a change in the global conception that the patient has when visiting his or her doctor, with less paperwork, greater agility and transparency, without ever leaving behind the exquisite professionalism of the medical team.

This is why we base the activities of the Humanline Hospital Group on four fundamental pillars:

– The human relationship between the different specialists and the patient.
– The careful design and precise operation of the medical centres.
– The use of high-tech systems.
– The privileged location of the centres.

Humanline Group Team

The Humanline Hospital Group is the result of the experience that a group of doctors has accumulated through continuous contact with patients and their needs, as well as through the analysis and application of medical trends and current social demands.

• Chairman of the Board of Directors:

Dr. Carlos Miguel de Sola Earle

Humanline & Art

The Humanline Hospital Group has created its own alliance with Art in its different forms of expression.

Creativity is part of our essence because it is also inherent to the human being. In our centres we make the most personalised medicine, art in its sublime expression and new technologies coexist in perfect harmony. In this way we sum up the development of the human being in a metaphor between the basic, the expression, and the complex, the conception of new technologies at the service of health.